Depression :

A 45 year old female patient entered in my chamber with tears in her eyes.She had great anxiety,uneasiness & was not able to sleep at night , talking continuously without head and tail, very suspicious with negative attitude ,even doubtful about recovery asking lot of questions to me and was not allowing me to talk even she had a desire to loose her cloths ,there was aversion to tight jewelery around neck ,had mental irritability,with morose mood after death of her daughter(11 year back) hot flushes in night ,severe headache and had to remove stool mechanically daily ( constipation) , while talking she had breathing trouble , every morning she kept on shouting and begging for death without any cause ,which made her exhausted till afternoon.There was indifference for everything she had diphtheria in her childhood ,was chocking sensation in throat even for water .She was dull, thirst-less and could not tolerate hot weather.After studying her thoroughly for these symptoms ,I prescribed her one dose LACHESIS 1m and now she is enjoying her life .


Rheumatism :

A Young Man who belonged to a lobour class came to my clinic and showed his knee joint and elbow , which were swollen and red.He said “Doctor,all doctors told me it’s rheumatism and now the pain is unbearable ,please help me treat it before rainy season otherwise it will be difficult for me to stand in windy season”.His statement itself gave me the keynote ,On inquiry he even told me about restless nights due to pain he had to sleep with legs crossed and gentle moves .I relived him by giving Rhododendron 200 X 1 dose which revealed him a Permanent cure!.


Sterility :

A lady of 32 had no children even after 7 years of marriage .I took her detail history , she was dark,tall and had prematurely old look. I asked her about menses.her menses were ropey ,stingy ,offensive ,dark colored and disappear on 2nd day after appearance .then again appeared on 4th day in every menses. She had very lumpy vaginal discharge which stained the panty yellow .she had bleeding gum with toothache since childhood.She complained voluptuous itching in vulva specially 6pm onwards .there was no suppressed pimples in her college days.i gave her kreosote 200 X 3 days once a month and after medication the itching and pimples were outward .At the end of four months she reported a +ve pregnancy test. It was a miracle of homoeopathy that help lady to enjoy her motherhood.


Urticaria :

One day Mr.sachin entered my consultancy with big red elevated spots all over the body.It had great itching and burning.He had tried lot of anti-allergic for this skin trouble but got temporary relief.When i was recording his history he was putting caps on pens kept on my table and then he arranged all pens in stand properly.He told me “Doctor night watching increases my problem but yesterday night we had a party at our home and unless and untill the hall was not cleaned properly i was not able to sleep.My wife insisted to clean it next morning but i thought that there was no tomorrow.I get irritate if work is not clean and if somebody waste the time, everybody should be punctual.” I take the symptoms fastidious and after his whole case taking i gave him Arsenic 1m X 1 dose after one month till today he has no complaint of Urticaria .”Skin always represents mental irritation -Says Homoeopathy.”


Constipation :

A 45 year aged man when met me first time in my clinic said “Look doctor ,i am suffering from very difficult bowels with long time to evacuate and i have gas problem also. I already visited the most expensive and big doctors in town but somebody had suggested your name, hence i came here.I m very busy as m businessman and my time is very valuable so take my history fast and let me go and if you have and instant medication for headache give it to me because today i have not taken my breakfast and empty stomach journey caused pain in my head”. Here i observed the ego , domination,empty stomach headache and feeling of self importance , i prescribed platina 1m X2 doses per week.After two months that egoistic man himself phoned me to say thanks as his bowels were moving normally and that time his tone was surprisingly soft .this is homoeopathy ! which cures physical complains with mental relief.


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